Elite Engineering Services, Inc.

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Elite Engineering Services, Inc. (Elite) offers a wide range of Engineering, Technical, Design and Construction Support Services. This site contains a brief introduction to our engineering capabilities.

We are available to discuss your engineering needs for your specific project. If you require additional information, please feel free to contact us directly.

Our Mission Statement

Elite is dedicated to providing engineering services of the highest professional quality to its clients. We provide engineering, design and construction management services to include value analysis, project cost and budget, performance schedule and environmental considerations.

Elite maintains and would like to maintain a reputation for providing quality services in a business environment of technical complexity, cost and schedule and competitive pressures. We supplement the traditional concept of professionalism with a more formal approach, which requires strict adherence to a Total Quality Management Program. This program is an integral part of our everyday work embodied in the engineering principles and quality assurance procedures under which we operate to ensure that our services are of maximum value to the client.